I: Lycoris

dusk descends upon the earth:
the merciless authority, a suffocating blanket,
falling silence around us.

goodbye. my enemy,
my friend.
if these are truly the final days,
let this bear testimony to our being.

II: Ignesco

Move! Don't look back!
We must keep this fire alive,
or there won't be anything left when it burns out.

III: Bulwark Ruins

the dust of nations begins to clear away
swept aside by winds that care little for their history.

here now, only a backdrop for retrospection.

blistered hands toiled
to support a love that transcends suffering,
but not the stillness that followed.

the pillars are crumbling
the pulse has faded.

IV: Fimbulvetr

Then the blizzard came.
Huddled in shelters, the memories of what once was,
the laments of what could have been,
the last flickers of humanity.

The snow entombs all we've ever known.

But hope must live on. Do you feel it?
Hold on to the last thing we have left.
We'll make it through,
even if there's nothing left when the storm ends.

V: In Remembrance of Tomorrow

in this hour, the sun shines its last.
a swan song melting away black frost to reveal
a eulogy for the future.

VI: Autumn Aether

Our story ends here.

If fate wills it, let us begin anew
where dawn will break again.

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